Improving the world through service both locally and globally

Mike Kinderman

Vice President/Commercial Lender

Vadnais Heights Rotary President

Joined in 2009

Why Rotary?: I enjoy the gratification that I receive from playing a role in accomplishing great things in my local community and abroad

John Wayne Barker

Executive Director Merrick

Rotary Program Chair

Joined Rotary in 2002

Why Rotary?: Practical way to join like-minded people in making a difference in serving others.

Brian L. Carnes

Vice President Premier Banks

Rotary Vocational Service Director

Joined Rotary in 2007

Why Rotary?: Rotary provides an avenue for me to give back to the community.  It also serves as a way of meeting people who are passionate about giving back.  I believe that being a part of Rotary helps keep me grounded and makes me a better human being.

Cheryl Ellefson

Douglas Gerlach


Joined Rotary in 2010

Why Rotary?:  I wanted to make the world a better place and do it with a group of awesome people.  Also the cookies at the bingo nights were hard to resist. 

Thomas Policano DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

Joined Rotary in 2013

Why Rotary?: I became a Rotarian to better help serve as many people as possible. A major draw for me in joining Rotary was the opportunity to surround myself with like minded people, whose sole purpose to make someone else's life a little better!

Bev Scalze

State Senator, owner Hoffman Corner Heating & Air Conditioning

Vadnais Heights Rotary Co-Secretary

Joined Rotary in 2003

Why Rotary?: Rotary gives me a venue to help my community and my world with volunteer projects and fund raising.

Gerry Urban

Work Title:  Co-owner of Urban Farm's and Greenhouses and Co-Interim Executive Director of the Vadnais Heights Economic Development Corporation

Rotary Community Service Director and Public Image Chair

Joined Rotary in 1991 as Charter Member of the Vadnais Heights Club

Why Rotary?: I first joined as a city employee because I thought a Rotary Club would be good for the community. I have stayed because I enjoy working along side hard working individuals who practice the ideals of Rotary and do many good things for people in our community and in the world.

Ev Langer

Mike Greenbaum

Finance and Development Director at Merrick, Inc.

Rotary International Committee

Joined Rotary in 2002

Why Rotary?: It is a chance to get to work on positive community and global projects with a fantastic group of people

Jean Rybak

Tom Holly

Jackie O'Connell

IPS Worldwide President

Rotary Treasurer

Join Rotary in ----

Why Rotary?; Giving back to my local community, participating in fundraising events and spending time with people who are passionate about Rotary.


Kim Ustruck

White Bear Area Y Program Manager- Group X, Water X and Active Older Adults

Editor of the Rotary RAPPER

Joined in 2011

Why Rotary?: By being a member of the Rotary, I am able to work with others who have the same passion to help people, whether that is in our community or on a global level.

Pat O'Connell

Michelle Howard